Name that Tune

I wish we could speak to each other exclusively through music sometimes.

For all of the ways that my mind processes the synapses my heart fires to it, it somehow comprehends feelings more truly, deeply, and comprehensively if it is set to a lovely little tune. Tell me that you adore me just because? I might cringe if you say it to my face. Set it to music? I will literally blow you on the spot. Music is a catalyst for feeling just a bit more deeply. It is so gracious in how it translates in that way.


Anyway… Am I about to share a One Tree Hill Quote? Why yes. I fucking am.


The last time I thought that I could actually fall for someone, I made a playlist. I never sent it, and he bailed anyway. But I think there is a part of me that starts assigning music to someone as soon as they enter my heart to any substantive depth. As it were, I already have playlists categorized in insane “High Fidelity” sort of ways. Titles like “Love songs that always get to me,” “If I Made Soundtracks,” “Therapy,” and “Profound.” I hone in on these certain moments. The way the artist sings “sweetheart” with this certain trill. Lyrics like “let’s bypass the bullshit because the minute hand moves faster than we think it does.” Artists that create music that is genuinely transcendental…

Image result for high fidelity gif

I just wish I had a better mechanism with which to share it with you. Or the courage. Or any sort of assurances that you were remotely interested in the music. cc: me

Le sigh…

p.s. I apologize for the disappearance. I lost a dear friend suddenly, then I think I may have gotten a little lost for awhile as well. But I am back in action, and I am regrounded. More to come – Cheers!


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